Riverhound | Fresh Breath 200ml

RIVER HOUND Fresh Breath is the perfect solution to your dogs bad breath and oral hygiene. Contains 100% organic spearmint extract that freshens bad breath while the oral antibacterial agents eliminate the bacteria that cause bad breath and infections.

Everyday use of Fresh Breath will keep your dogs gums & teeth healthy.

  • Freshens breath instantly
  • Eliminates bacteria & Gingivitis
  • Whitens teeth
  • Safe for pets
  • Easy to use, direct spray or water bowl additive
  • Organic spearmint

Directions: SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE! Gently open your dogs mouth and reveal teeth and gums. Spray Fresh Breath directly onto teeth and onto gums. No need to rinse or brush teeth!

Fresh Breath can also be used directly in your dogs drinking water, pour 2 table spoons to 1lt drinking water.


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