The most important thing to look out for when choosing a treat for your cat is the quality of ingredients. In the wild, cats primarily eat meat, so it’s important you choose treats that are protein-based.

Many treats include large amounts of carbohydrates, like corn, and this can leave your cat lacking in important nutrients. Additionally, many treats include harmful dyes and additives that can irritate the feline digestive system.

Yap! Hake Meowzers feature nothing but dried fish, making them the purrrrfect choice for your feline friend. They can be used as treats or as a food topper to add nutrients into your cat’s diet. Made with human grade fish, they can be given to dogs as well.

The natural fish oils provide urinary tract health, reduce the buildup of hair balls and will keep your cat’s shiny and beautiful.

Key Benefits:

  • Full of Omega Fatty Acids great for skin, joints and healthy coats.
  • The crispy chips are surprisingly soft and tender,
  • Handmade selecting only the best pure Hake
  • 100% Sustainably sourced fish
  • Contains zero artificial flavours, colourants, corn, wheat, or soy.
  • Our Premium recipe comprises of only natural ingredients.
  • Made in South Africa


100% Hake


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Watch your cat come running!

Your cat will taste the difference with a YAP! Meowzer Pure Hake Meat Fish Treat, even by your more discerning kitty.

Treat your feline friends to a special tuna treat for being out all day, to bond with your cat, or distract them during a grooming session

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Yap Sizes

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